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I teach, I love teaching. I am always striving to be better.
I recently read that a teacher is part performer, part preacher, and part scholar. I’d say that kind of sums me up.

Specifically, I teach Voice to all ages and in all styles (country, rock, screamo, jazz, classical, pop, folk, square dance calling, metal, emo, bluegrass . . . bring it! and I’ll help you sing it).

I teach beginning Guitar, I also teach Girls Rock curriculum and do workshops and camps which help to build self-esteem and confidence for young women in music.

I teach Kindermusik. I love it! I think it is the best preschool curriculum for music in the world, and I know it is one of the greatest gifts I have given my own children. Learn more about it here.

I teach Yoga. Not just stretching, but true transformation from the inside out. Meditation and relaxation and breathing, all of this to bring our minds and bodies together again. I teach therapeutic yoga and music to the boys at the Hittle House in Columbus, Ohio, and it is my favorite job ever. There is magic and healing happening there.

If you live in Columbus, Ohio, and would like to sign up online to be a private student, join a Kindermusik class, or sign up for a workshop, go here.

If you would like to hire me for a workshop or contact me for lessons over skype, please email me: or call 715-209-0122

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